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Film Festivals


The film festivals listed in the resources below are but a few of the events offering opportunities for musicians, recording artists, producers, composers and songwriters. Film festivals often offer one or more of the following opportunities:

- Music performances / showcase opportunities

- Accepts, presents and awards music films / music videos

- Produces and releases music compilations / collections / playlists in association with the festival

- Presents multimedia installations incorporating live and recorded music

- Offers networking and educational panels and workshops

If you're a music-creator -- a Musician, Recording Artist, Producer, Composer or Songwriter -- don't underestimate the value of becoming involved with film festivals in your region. These can be an incredible opportunity to meet and network with filmmakers, directors, producers, music supervisors and others working in the visual media industries.

There are thousands of film festivals that take place annually around the globe. We believe film festivals represent great opportunities for music creators. Most cities have at least one film festival, or have one nearby. Consider volunteering or working for the festival -- It's a fantastic way to meet filmmakers, the festival organizers and members of the film community. This first-hand contact can give you insights, connections and inside knowledge that can help you get your music into film / tv / videogames / advertising.

Film festivals vary widely in scope, focus, purpose, approach, size and many other aspects. This article gives great background on the many different types of film festivals to be found and how they may differ:

For a substantial though by no means complete list of film festivals, our semi-curated "Film Festival Master Spreadsheet" (link below) is sadly a work in progress, and using the word "progress" might be overstating the case! But there are links to information for nearly all the film festivals that are included so you can find out details about each event. In a few instances, we've added information about opportunities for showcasing, networking and promoting your music at these festivals.

We sure could use some help fleshing this out! Email me if you've got a little time to help make this valuable resource massively more valuable: -- A couple hours per month could make an enormous impact and help musicians around the world! The work is easy and kinda fun.

"Film Festival Master Spreadsheet"
This links to an online reference about film festivals around the world. This list is not comprehensive, but it's a good place to start! Find a film festival near you and get involved! You'll be glad you did.

Another useful resource for finding film festivals is, based in Russia. As of 2019, there are over 1,700 film festivals included in their database.

If you've got a recommendation for additional film festivals or useful information to add to our spreadsheet, please email it to Thanks!

Here's a link to Wikipedia's "List of Film Festivals" which offers additional information:




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