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Access Abundance

Access Abundance was established in 2013 to assist artists in navigating the murky waters of their music publishing interests: In plain English, our mission is to help artists maximize their income from songwriting royalties, music licensing and publishing revenue.

Access Film Music: Where Music Meets Film™
After years of connecting music-makers with filmmakers at our annual Access Film Music Showcase during Film Festival Week in Park City, Utah, we recognized that songwriters and recording artists weren't really aware of how their original music can earn money through live and broadcast performance royalties, placement in film / tv / videogames / advertising and other avenues.

Access Abundance was our response to that realization. In addition to our regular clinics / panels / workshops / classes offered at music and film events across the world, including AmericanaFest, Folk Alliance International, FAR-West, SWRFA, Planet Bluegrass SongSchool, Song Camp Italy, ÉCU Film Festival, and more, we offer an array of music publishing and catalog administration services, including:

- PRO selection / negotiation / optimiization and administration services

- Consulting / problem-solving / untangling / advice

- Inventory of Works coaching

- Copyright / intellectual property matters

- Changing PROs: Should you? Why Not, or Why and How.

Not sure where to start? Review the RESOURCES link below to get familiar with the basics, and then send us an email: so we can start the conversation. We've got answers. We look forward to helping you.



Access Abundance RESOURCES

Visit the Access Abundance RESOURCES page for essential information about performance rights organizations (PROs), U.S. copyright, forms and templates to track and organize your intellectual property, royalty collection assistance, organizations and websites that can help you license your music to film, television, videogames and advertising.




Access Abundance